Prophet Ezekiel had a drastic encounter from God about moving on to next stage/level of our walk with God in Ezekiel 47

Verse 1b said the water is coming from the south side of the temple south of the altar that’s the water is coming from God. The water could signifies many things – rhema, revelation, God’s dealing, instruction, inner voice, inspiration, talents and gifts, prophecy, words of wisdom, etc and they all come from God the creator of all things.
Brother, stop appropriating what is not yours?
Sister, stop claiming what you are not the owner.
Stop all these ‘my messages, my rhema, my song, my rev, our message.’ It is never yours? it belongs to God to the giver of all good gifts .
The ‘water’ was created by God and flow from HIM. Halleluyah!
In our walk with God and our work for God we should never get to a point where we think we have arrived.
In our walk with God, the present level is not the best and final level there is always a next level to spiritual growth and better level to occupy; not because you have a point to score or a medal to get but because you want to deepen the relationship with Father, to know Christ and the power of His ressurection.
In our spiritual growth, there are
trickling level (vs 2)
ankle level (vs 3)
kneel level (vs 4) and
waist level (4b) and
swimming level (vs 5)
If you can talk to GOD, remember there is MOSES who speak with you face to face
If you can write, remember there is a level of PAUL the apostel
If you are obedient, remember there is Abraham level on obedience
If you think you have left something for GOD, remember there is Apostels’ level of leaving all for Christ.
There are next level to your walk with CHRIST.
If you are prophet there are level of Ezekiel prophethood
If you have the gift of healing, remember there is a level of Peter and Paul level of healing with shadows and handkerchief
There is a level of Elijah prophethood who doesn’t need to declare 7 days fasting and prayer to shut the heaven for 3 and half years.
Third lesson, from verse 2-5 is that Ezekiel went on a walk with God from trickling stage to swimming stage so therefore it is not our work for God but our walk with GOD that determine your next level.
Prophet Ezekiel wasn’t given an axe to dig for the water rather he was to follow the Angel for a third of mile to go to another level- trickling to ankle to kneel to waist to swimming and even in swimming level there is depths, lengths,breadths and widths to the knowledge of CHRIST.
Your work for GOD is ushering, prophecy, and various positions in church and positions doesn’t determine your level in Christ as you may not even be in Christ to occupy those positions. Your walk with God is a life of obedience, daily bible study and prayer, surrender, holiness, sacrifice and godliness…It is your walk with God and not your work for GOD therefore;
how far are you ready to WALK with the LORD in obedience?
how far are you ready to go with the LORD in bible study?
how far are you ready to go with GOD im prayer even though your prayers seem unanswered?
how far are you willing to walk with GOD in brotherly fellowship?
Lastly, verse 8 says that when the water flows to the dead sea it gets healed. HCSB version says that there was living in the water
Dead sea did not have any living things but once this water touches it there is a living in it… Hallelujah…So therefore because of the LIVING WATER in us WHO IS JESUS CHRIST in whom we move, live and have our beings, our lives must be a life-giving ones.
They have been collecting bribe in your office, the living water in you must put a stop to it when you start working there.
People die younger in your family, you must put a stop to it
People have been using there gifts and talents to populate hell,you must use yours to depopulate hell.
The depressed must not leave you still felling depressed, he or she must get healing when he or she meets you.
The sinner must not continue sinning after meeting you or you meeting him/her.
The barren situation must receive a fruitful situation when you are involve.
The assembly you just join must not remain cool after joining, there must be freshness.
Every stale situations must receive freshness when you are around because our case is different… halleluyah.
If you don’t have JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR you are not on any level at all talkless of next level so you need to accept JESUS CHRIST as LORD and SAVIOR now. Tommorrow maybe too late.

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