A Letter from Apostles Peter and Paul for Single Guys.

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Apostle Peter in his letter to all people concerning marriage said, ‘wives, in the same way, SUBMIT to yourself to your OWN HUSBANDS…’ (2 Peter 3:1) while Apostle Paul emphasized the same the same thing in Ephesians 5:22 that, ‘ Wives, be SUBMISSIVE to YOUR HUSBANDS…’
We also know submit is gotten from the word SUBMISSON.
Now divide the word into two, we have SUB which means A PART OF and MISSION which connotes PURPOSE, CALLING OR VISION, so therefore contrary to slavery definition of submission we all knew, Submission in the biblical sense means making your wife a part of your mission, calling and purpose in life.
In Genesis, Adam was given work of naming the animals, working and watching the garden which is his mission statement of which Eve will be part of.
Now, what is your own purpose? Why do you think God created you? If you got none or don’t know, what will you future wife be a part of?
Will She be a part of infidelity that is your mission now, in the future?

Will She be on Team Irresponsible with your goons whose only purpose in life seems to partying and womanizing?
Do you think a godly sister will be a cheerleader on your gambling mission that is making you broke every weekend?
Do you want to her to be a part of lies?
She want to submit but dear, you got no clear mission, what will she now be part of?
Should She submit herself to having sex under the influence of hard drug, will she?
A Christian woman cannot be secretary to Team Laziness.
Do you ever see her as part of your mission and vision?
The same Mission given to Adam pre-fall has been given to us keep and dress our marriage as men of valour, sons of Most High.
The mission is
1. To keep and dress marital bed undefiled.
2. To work the soil and take care of ‘garden’ of our wives and children in love, contentment and godliness.
3. To work in other to provide for the family.
4. To keep and dress family altar daily in order to rename the day for our uses from its evils.
5. To Love Her, Her Dream and Her Aspiration and her children if she got any till death do you part and

Submission in the biblical sense means making your wife a part of your mission, calling and purpose in life

If you embark on those missions and make her part of vision, you won’t have to force a godly lady to do, she will gladly do.
Remember, if Bible said she should submit unconditionally, what will she submits to and to whom?
You will do well if you make submission easy for her.